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 Faux Animal Mounts | Animal-Friendly Taxidermy
Have you always wanted to mount a wild animal head on your wall for a decorative effect?  Of course you have, it makes for great ambiance and speaks volumes about your aesthetic taste and courage.  Of course, real taxidermy can be expensive, and in the opinion of some, cruel to the animal species.  If only there were an in-between to seek online, a way to enjoy the mantel piece without the squeamish traits of the real animal head.  There is now!  Enter the alternative: resin animal heads!  Heads made out of resin, which is a hydrocarbon secretion of various plants.
Resin Animal Heads Are Artwork, Not Stuffed
Resin animal heads do not have any actual animal parts.  Rather, they are handcrafted artistic pieces that are made to look like animal head mounts.  These modernistic taxidermy specimens do not involve a carcass.  How are they made, considering that no animal was harmed in the making of these head mounts?
These mounts are crafted using detailed photos and measurements of an animal.  (Sometimes the animal is stored and then released after measuring and photography; sometimes the creator simply acquires the photos and specifications).  From that point, the faux taxidermist creates a resin or fiberglass sculpture of the chosen animal, whether that is a deer, a bear or an elephant. 
The Advantage of Resin Animal Heads
Resin animal heads, also called ceramic taxidermy, are not only friendly to animal life but they are also affordable.  These pieces are gift priced, not “hunter priced.”  They are also more stylistic than real taxidermy, since they may be white colored or multicolored.  This is why resin heads can be used in a child’s room, a living room, or practically any room in the house.  This style actually gives you a great deal of freedom than an actual animal head would provide, since colors are customizable. 
Yes, these fake animal heads are quite trendy today, as they add a lot to an interior design and can enhance space in a room.  They are also excellent conversational pieces and “show stoppers.”  Ceramic taxidermy is actually very popular today, and all the more so since crafters are capable of making anything.  Not just bears or elephants, but even strange creatures like dinosaurs, unicorns and even mermaids for the truly adventurous. 
Decorating in Resin
Decorating with resin animal heads is a great way to get people talking and get your room looking like a truly modern masterpiece in interior decorating.  Now, whenever you or others enter the room you don’t have to feel like you’re entering a wilderness, nor does your heart have to ache because of those poor dead animals.  These are crafted masterpieces that will give you the same majesty of decorating, with less money and with a very eco-friendly approach. 
Why not start looking for faux mounted heads today from a trusted online store?  Support craftsmanship and art, and protect your furry little friends from harm.  These resin wall mounts make a great gift for the holidays, for birthdays or for a nice gesture!

Faux Animal Heads | From White Deer Heads To Moose & More