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Client's Comments

Client's Comments


"the bear head arrived last night and it is better than I could have imagined it. I feel so lucky to have found your site and I hope to order more from you in the future. thank you so much!!!!"

"This seller was amazing. Fast to make and fast to ship. Great customer service!"

"Product shipped quickly and was packaged very well. The product was exactly as described and made a wonderful addition to our home."


Faux Safari Lion Heads

Faux Lions Can be Kings of Your Living Room

The lion is often referred to as the king of the jungle, and if you have ever seen one in person you know why.  Their strong bodies that can weigh in at over 500 pounds slinking across the African is a sight to be seen, and the sheer size of the lion’s massive jaws are sure to be memorable.  It is that savannah-clearing roar, however, that really impresses!  It is no wonder that many seek to have these giant beautiful beasts as part of their home décor.  Unfortunately, the lion species has seen a major decrease, to the point of being endangered.  Don’t give up on your décor dreams!  Why not consider faux lions heads?

Faux Lion Heads Are Earth-Friendly and Design-Friendly

When we say faux lions heads, we aren’t talking about those bad stuffed animal looking imitations, we are talking about resin heads that really look true to life.  Imagine what a conversation piece a majestic lion head would be on your wall!  If you want a room to truly have that hunter’s lodge feel, but without shelling out the big money for a real lions head, a resin fake is a great choice. 
Of course, you don’t have to stop at a lion either as there are tiger heads, wolf heads, elephant heads and many more.  Why you can have an African safari room without any of the protests of animal conscious friends and family, just good clean décor with amazing realistic detail.
Imagine the Possibilities
Even if you don’t want painted heads that look real, you may want to consider solid colored resin lion wall mounts.  These solid colored heads are currently all the rage amongst the big name decorators today.  Imagine how striking a solid white lions head would be on a royal blue or sunny yellow wall of a living room!  Or perhaps you have an overlooked corner that could really use some pizzazz.  These heads are even being used in places you wouldn’t have thought of, such as in the baby’s room. 
Imagine what a great touch a lion’s head would be in a jungle themed nursery!  You could use a solid colored head if you are doing muted tones, or a realistic head for a true vivid jungle theme.  Lions have also been used on regal buildings as guardians of the entryway, so getting two solid white heads and placing them on either side of a grand door might also be quite the look!
Don’t put up with poorly made stuffed heads!  If you are going to use a faux lion head in your decorating, it has to be of top quality in order to pull it off in the best way possible.  Don’t go with cheap imitations, find the real deal and you’ll clearly see the difference and be happier with your choice.
Why not add the king of the jungle to your home today?  No need to harm any endangered species when there are realistic and beautiful faux versions available.  Be the talk of your town with a wall mounted lion’s head today!