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Insist On Cruelty-Free

Animals bring joy and wonder to us all. 

Nature is meant to be appreciated. At White Faux Taxidermy, our goal is to translate nature into art.  By creating unique sculptures of the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us, you can bring a piece of nature home.  In a day where urban landscape surrounds us, it's comforting knowing that just outside those boundaries there's a hidden world of beautiful creatures.  And, within the bounderies of your home, you too can create your own hidden sanctuary.

 The Forest Collection

The Safari Collection

Faux Taxidermy Moose, Deer, Bear, Ram, Wolf, Mountain Lion and Horses.

The Forest Collection Faux AnimalsThe Forest Collection

 Safari Animal Taxidermy: Elephant, Rhino, Tiger, Lion, Gazelles, Antelope, and Giraffes

The African Safari Collection Faux AnimalsThe Safari Collection

 The Ocean Collection

Other Fine Sculptures

Faux Nautical Taxidermy: Shark, Octopus, Star Fish and More.

The Ocean Collection Faux AnimalsThe Ocean Collection

Other Faux Animal Heads: Unicorn Heads, porcelain deer, Bison Skulls, Buffalo and much more.

Other Collection Faux Animals Other Decorative Sculptures

There's an animal for each of us

It's not uncommon for our personalities to be fitted to an animal. And, for that reason; there's an animal for each of us.  At WFT, we have taken it upon ourselves to not only find the most intruiging animals, but also to procure the best sculpters that capture nature as it is intended to be viewed. Whether your animal is inspired by accient, prehistoric jurassic times or from a fairytale land far, far away, it's our goal to inspire and keep your imagination streaming.

Which animal is for me?

That's for you to decide.  At White Faux Taxidermy, we have created a variety of color combinations to match your walls, home decor, and accent your personality.  The original inspiration for WFT began with The Templeton and The Edmonton, a white deer head wall mount and our white faux taxidermy moose head, respectively. Wait, fake animal heads aren't for me!- we understand that your home is your private escape- whether you are looking for a small wall accent, such as an antler hook (without harming any animals), or if you are looking to adorn your tabletop with a porcelain deer instead, you can find it at WFT.

It's not a fake animal head

A common misconception about faux taxidermy is that it is 'fake'.  After all, it isn't rare to insist on having authentic items; Persian rugs, 100% silk, or vanilla extract versus imitation vanilla.  But, when it comes to nature; it is better preserved than exhausted. Take for example, a photograph; you capture an image; but the emotions are all yours.  With WFT, you are receiving a piece of nature, intepreted to fulfill your vision of your special animal. 

With a unique line of various animals; from the woods of Northern Alaska with moose, deer and grizzly bears, to the depths of the Atlantic ocean with shark and octopus, crossing over to the continent of Africa; find a prideful lion, zebras and gazelle. There's plenty more if you venture into your imagination with dragons and unicorns, or blast back into time to find prehistoric t-rex and more. 

Thank you.

-The White Faux Taxidermy Team

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